Why start a blog?

Sometimes I forget that blogs are still a relevant medium. Especially right now in the age of “influencer” somehow being a legitimate career path, and Instagram and Youtube being the primary methods these days of dispersing messages and ideas, blogs almost seem antiquated.

But, hell if I don’t love the written word.

There is a distance created between the author and the reader that I find comforting. It is a way of putting down your ideas thoughtfully and carefully, with time to stop and think in between sentences. We’re not exactly graced with that sort of time in person. And as a writer, what need is there for you to present a friendly, charismatic persona that makes people click buttons to show their approval of your speech and appearance? I say, none.

Get out of here, algorithm, nobody likes you!

I suppose what I mean to say is that I have ideas. I have words in my head that want to come out, but I’d like to hurl those words over six foot fence to an unsuspecting audience, and then run back inside and lock the doors so that no one can peek over the fence at me and comment on my features. I want to be able to express my thoughts and experiences from behind a shield of semi-anonymity, and I think we should all have the ability to do that without having to become an internet personality.

I suppose the second question would be whether an audience even exists for me to chuck my ideas at. And at the moment, the answer is a rather large maybe. There are folks all over who are taking the first steps on this journey alongside me. So far, we’ve learned that you can pin a badge to your chest that says, “I am an illustrator”, and work somehow doesn’t begin springing from the bushes like a pack of goblins hopped up on maté.

Good. We’ve learned lesson one.

So, where do we go from here? That’s why. That’s why the blog.

From my experiences as a convention artist, to my first tentative freelance gigs, local art shows, online selling, creating merchandise, finding inspiration and overcoming hurdles, I hope that I can impart some tasty chunks of wisdom to others who are on the same path. If not wisdom, then insight. If not insight, than at least five raccoons in a trench coat you can point at and say, “Thank goodness that isn’t me!”

So. Join me, won’t you?

There’s coffee.

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